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Milton Keynes

InIT Learning are pleased to announce the introduction of evening classes in Milton Keynes for nine weeks covering all three levels of Excel. Delegates receive nine comprehensive manuals and three certificates of attendance. All equipment is provided. A great friendly environment with no more than six delegates on each course. First course starts in October 2018 so get your place or places for your staff booked now.

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Scheduled Excel Courses

Excel Courses are scheduled in Milton Keynes

Excel Courses Milton Keynes

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Prevent Extra Spaces

Data analysis requires accurate entry of each piece of data. For example, if you are required to analyse all the sales in Northamptonshire you would get the wrong results if Northamptonshire has been entered with leading or trailing spaces. The trim function is a great function to remove all leading, trailing and extra spaces between words; however, it would be much better if you prevented them in the first place. Here is a great method using Custom data Validation:

How to use the Evaluate Formula Tool

Evaluate Formulas

This video shows you how to use and how the Evaluate Formula tool helps you find issues with formulas and what the spreadsheet is doing at each stage.

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Change Values without using Formulas

Change Cell Values without using Formulas

Have you ever needed to change all the values on your spreadsheets, for example; increase all your prices by 10% and then sat there adding extra columns to carry out the task with formulas and then copying all the results and remove the formulas and extra columns. Well there is a much easier way to perform this task using copy and paste special. Watch the video to see how.

Looking for a New Job?

Looking for a new job or promotionAre you looking for a New Job or Promotion?

Excel spreadsheets is one of the most popular and used software applications in the workplace. If you are looking for a job, applying for promotion or just want to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in the use of spreadsheets, then it is really worth getting some formal training. Often staff are self taught or have to keep asking that one person at work who has become the company Excel guru. Being self taught is fine but sometimes there are more efficient ways to carry out a task on the spreadsheets. Training does not have to cost much for example InIT Learning in Milton Keynes offer in-house courses at your company at prices starting from £80.00 per head and also have scheduled Excel courses at only £129.00 per head. It is surprising just how much more you can learn on the software that is used every day. Remember you are an advanced user at the bit you use every day and a beginner at the bit you don’t use or don’t even know exists.

Interactive Excel Chart

Dynamic Chart

This video shows you how to simply create a user interactive dynamic chart. There is no coding necessary just an understanding of Data Validation  and the  VLOOKUP() function.

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Scheduled One day Excel Courses available in Milton Keynes. Courses at yours available in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas/counties. e.g. Rugby, Northampton, Bedford, Oxford

True or False

TRUE and FALSE Logical Tests

Learning Excel Logical tests - True False with INIT LearningExcel logical tests are an ideal way to test if something is true or false. Using the operators below will return a TRUE or FALSE:

=         Equal
>         Greater than
<         Less than
>=       Greater than or Equal to
<=       Less than or Equal to
<>       Does not Equal

The content of cells can be tested and returns the word TRUE or FALSE. TRUE and FALSE are “Boolean Functions”, and therefore TRUE = 1 and FALSE = 0

Sometimes it’s more beneficial to display a 1 or 0. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • =–(logical_test)
  • =(logical_test)/1
  • =(logical_test)*1
  • =(logical_test)+0

My Top Five Excel Shortcuts

Excel Shortcuts

My top Five Excel ShortcutsThese are my top five shortcuts I use while working on Excel. Depending on the work I am doing at the time my top five does change but this is how they stand at the moment.

Ctrl + D Duplicate cell above

Ctrl + ; Enter today’s date

Ctrl + 1 Open ‘Format Cells’ dialog box

Shift + F11 Add new worksheet

F12        Save As