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Milton Keynes

InIT Learning are pleased to announce the introduction of evening classes in Milton Keynes for nine weeks covering all three levels of Excel. Delegates receive nine comprehensive manuals and three certificates of attendance. All equipment is provided. A great friendly environment with no more than six delegates on each course. First course starts in October 2018 so get your place or places for your staff booked now.

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Scheduled Excel Courses

Excel Courses are scheduled in Milton Keynes

Excel Courses Milton Keynes

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Excel in Business

Excel in Business
Excel Spreadsheets in Business

There are many uses of Excel at work:

Charts and Graphs

They say a picture paints a thousand words, I say a chart paints a thousand numbers. Excel charts are an ideal way to demonstrate comparisons, trends, proportions and so on without showing the numbers. Its all about selecting the right type of chart and how that is display. Presenting charts is a very powerful way to get a message across. The chart can add much more meaning to the data.

Data in One Place

Data from various sources can be brought together into one place or one report, making it easier to understand how the various parts of the company effect each other. It’s much easier to send one spreadsheet report or chart that shows everything than keeping them separate and then asking staff to understand. Learning how to import data, analysing it and displaying it in an easy to understand way really helps with decision making etc.

Formatting Data

Formatting data is an ideal way to help our eyes focus on the important parts of the data. Excel uses a great feature called conditional formatting that changes the format of the cells and font depending on the content. Data jumps out at you so you do not miss crucial information.


Of course we must not forget formulas that carry out calculations across the spreadsheet allowing one piece of data to change and updating all the associated data in a flash.

Uses of the spreadsheet

There are just so many reason companies use the spreadsheet, here are just some:

  • Stock control
  • Time sheets
  • Mileage record
  • Customer database
  • Holiday record
  • Project management
  • Company income and expenditure

Can you add more?