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My name is David and I have been working with spreadsheets for many years. I started to use spreadsheets virtually as they became available. using the various spreadsheets available at the time, like VisiCalc, Lotus 123, SuperCalc  and onto Microsoft Excel. From a training point of view there have been some interesting changes over the years. In my previous companies I worked for we started training accountants and administration staff. This moved fairly quickly to other vocational areas and finds me now training in just about all areas from builders, warehouse staff, engineers and the list goes on. It seems that most staff are analysing, manipulating, calculating and reporting data.

Since redundancy I decided to start my own business with the focus of training employees in the use of Microsoft products with Excel being the main course. I absolutely love doing what I doing. I get to meet some really nice people and never find myself not wanting to go to work. Excel just captures my interest so much and hope that comes across as I publish posts and of course while delivering training courses in Excel to businesses in the UK.